BTW 006: The Coach’s Resume

During the most recent “coaching carousel” of college basketball, I had the opportunity to work with a few coaches on their resumes. There is one mistake I see on coaching resumes and if you're has this, you can fix it right now. The number one mistake I see on resumes - of all professions, not just coaching - is

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BTW 005: The Rise of eSports with Manny Anekal

On this episode of the podcast I chat with Manny Anekal, Founder and CEO of The Next Level, which covers the business of eSports and owner of eSports team Versus Sports. Manny is THE guy to discuss what’s happening in the world of eSports. If eSports is new to you, Manny gives a great, quick eSports 101.

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BTW 003: A Sports Medicine Career At The Highest Levels with Ralph Reiff

My guest today is my friend Ralph Reiff, Executive Director of St. Vincent Sports Performance. Ralph started his sports medicine career as athletic trainer for Butler University where he managed the athlete health care, weight room and equipment for all sports. He also developed the athletic trainer curriculum at Butler. During his tenure at Butler he was

By |February 13th, 2017|

BTW 001: A Recovering Sports Agent

I have a confession to make. I’m a recovering sports agent. And that’s the thing I believe is going to make this show worth listening to. My name is Odell McCants, the host of Beyond The Whistle - and I want to sincerely thank you for checking out this debut episode of this podcast. I know you have lots

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