BTW 010: College Basketball Scandal – W.I.S.E. Recruiting

On September 26th, the college sports world was rocked by an F.B.I. investigation of college basketball, which lead to the arrests of 10 people, including four assistant coaches and two Adidas executives. The fallout has also included the firing of Hall of Fame coach Rick Pitino by the University of Louisville. And this is just the beginning. On this

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My 10 Favorite Podcasts for Rising Coaches

My Personal Podcast Process Podcasts are a fantastic way to fit education and inspiration into your day.  Podcasts can be as little as 5, 10, or 15 minutes long, while others can go an hour or more. But just like your DVR, you can pause and come back to them. If you have an iPhone,

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BTW 008: Rising Coaches Elite 2017

I recently had the opportunity to speak at the 8th Annual Rising Coaches Elite 2017 Conference. Rising Coaches Elite is an annual conference that provides professional development for basketball coaches, primarily just starting in their careers. Most of the attendees are graduate assistants, directors of basketball operations and team managers. Attendees came from a wide range of

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